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As the field of Otolaryngology has progressed exciting solutions to hearing impairments have been made.  Two of these solutions are
cochlear implants and BAHA devices.   These devices harness cutting edge technology paired with the skill of an Otolaryngologist
to provide a solution for hearing impairment.   The physicians and audiologists at Ohio ENT can help you determines if you are a good
candidate for one of these solutions.    


Cochlear Implants allow those with severe-to-profound hearing losses and minimal speech understanding the opportunity to hear and understand more than they ever thought was possible.  This device is implanted within the inner ear and it changes sounds into electrical impulses.  These impulses then stimulate the auditory nerve and the brain then interprets this information as sound.  Cochlear implantation involves a true team approach between the audiologist and the physician.  The surgical procedure is minimally invasive and involves an overnight hospital stay.



Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA) are a welcome solution for patients with chronic ear infections or absent or malformed ear canals who could otherwise not wear a hearing aid.  Ohio ENT bring this technology to our patients.  With this device, a small implant is placed in the bone behind the ear during a minimally invasive, outpatient surgical procedure.  The bone acts as a pathway for sound to travel to the inner ear and thus bypass the ear canal.  This bone implant is driven by a sound processor that attaches to the head.


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